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Trimble Field Link – More Menu

Trimble Field Link is a very diverse software program that works in conjunction with all of our layout devices. Due to its diversity there are also some complexities that come with using the software.

In this video we demonstrate what is probably the most widely used and yet often under utilized menu in the software, the “More” Menu. We identify how to navigate jobs in the device, get to the reporting features, connect to Trimble Connect, obtain information about the device you are using and closing the program.

Trimble Field Link – Robotic Total Station Controls and Prism Targeting

Trimble Field Link offers the user the ability to control the head (Robotic Total Station or Rapid Positioning Transit) with the tablet with touch screen features. This feature makes controlling the unit faster and easier.

In this video we demonstrate how you can use these controls to orbit the head to the desired location to obtain a target lock on the prism.

This feature allows you to be standing far away from your unit while controlling it to acquire a target or collect data without manually turning the head or using a second individual to control the unit.

Trimble Field Link – Prism and Laser Layout

Trimble FIeld Link and our fleet of Trimble Robotic Total Stations offer the ability to perform layout in both the traditional pole and prism mode as well as a visible laser. Though not all of our tools have the onboard visible laser the majority do.

In this video we demonstrate the process of performing layout work using both options.

Trimble Field Link – Creating Reports

Trimble Field Link offers the ability of the users to generate multiple reports. These reports can show productivity, accuracy as well as document conditions encountered on the job site along with photographs. This video describes the process of generating these reports.

Trimble Field Link Software Overview Webinar – BuildingPoint Mid-America

Trimble Scan Essentials for SketchUp Overview

Trimble Field Link Reporting and Surface Modules Webinar -BuildingPoint Mid-America

Connected Workflow Webinar – Construction Layout, Office to Field and Back-BuildingPoint Mid-America

Establishing Control When Deploying Robotic Total Station – BuildingPoint Mid-America Webinar

Installing Prism Pole Pegger Calibration Device for Diameter Poles

In this video we demonstrate the steps for installing your Prism Pole Pegger Calibration Device for diameter poles.

Trimble Robotic Total Station Webinar – BuildingPoint Mid-America

In this video, we will demonstrate and share how to set up your Trimble Robotic Total Station.

Augmented Reality – SiteVision Introduction

BuildingPoint Tool Talk – Episode 1
What is SiteVision? General overview and introduction to one of Trimble’s newest tools for the Building Construction market sector.

Bipod Accessory for Trimble Equipment – Maintenance How To

In this video, we demonstrate the steps for Trimble Bipod Maintenance which require no special tools.

BPMA Introduction

Kevin Kaufman and Corey Bell provide a brief and candid introduction to BuildingPoint Mid-America.

ProjectSight App for Mobile!

The ProjectSight mobile phone and iPad apps allow general contractors and their subcontractors to effectively and efficiently manage the project from the construction site.
Available on both Android and iOS, the app allows them to maximize the ability for construction projects to be built correctly and on schedule.